Update organization information

Immerse yourself in the VolunteerMark software to see just how easy the volunteer management process can be. Watch the video below to learn how to complete your organizational information and maximize your profile potential.


Complete your nonprofit account


  • Insert your organizations name
  • Select a photo of your organization’s logo from your computer
  • Insert the logo by dragging the photo over the red box, or by selecting the red box first, then selecting the logo file from the pop up menu
  • Then click “add causes” and choose the cause or causes that best pertain to your organization
  • In the organization overview describe what your organization does and your mission statement, keeping it under 100 words
  • Then insert your organization’s address, city, state, zip and phone number
  • Insert website URL, if you do not have a website, you may link the URL to your organization’s Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account
  • After you create you organization, a green checkmark will momentarily pop up in the right corner

Add Additional User

  • Within your “Organization Info” dashboard icon, select the “Add Additional Users” tab.
  • Insert the name, email, and phone number of the additional user
  • Select “Create Additional User” and the user has been added


  • The invoice function allows you to view your payment and billing information with VolunteerMark
  • You may set up your billing in a monthly or yearly fashion, saving money on going with the yearlong route.

Volunteer Checklist

  • Some organizations have specific tasks, or forms that need to be completed before that individual can volunteer.
  • The checklists let you know every volunteers progress in completing the assigned tasks

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