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Tracking volunteers in and out

Start a volunteering page to organize helpers for your church or parish. Run an event with ease, clarity and good communication.

Sign up, communicate and keep track of volunteers
for events, projects and weekly operations such as:

  • Vacation Bible School, youth programs and camps.
  • Ushers, greeters and music ministry.
  • Potlucks, meals and fundraisers.
  • Community outreach.
  • Building projects and maintenance.

Keep track of all your church obligations.

Volunteer your time easily and efficiently.

Do away with disorganization in your volunteering with a free online dashboard and mobile app to help you:

  • Keep track of when and where you are serving in the church.
  • Communicate with church leaders via email and text.
  • Sign up to help and find where to help based on your skills set.
  • Change schedules when issues arise.
  • Invite family and friends to help, too.
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Import Volunteers with our easy to use import utility and simple template. Nurture your Volunteers with ease. Our communication tools will help you take the relationships to next level.

“ VolunteerMark better connects us with our volunteers and creates a positive volunteer experience.
It also helps us efficiently manage volunteers' time and easily track hours.“

Nicole Gerken of The HALO Foundation

Nicole Gerken of The HALO Foundation

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