Volunteers are a vital part of
organizing a marthon or any
charity run
Make managing volunteers easier and more efficient
by creating an online account through VolunteerMark.

Recruit, sign up and schedule volunteers for
marathons that support nonprofits such as
charities, churches, hospitals and schools that

  • Food, shelter and clothing to the homeless and low
    income families.
  • Emergency relief and financial aid.
  • Safe and clean water to developing countries.
  • Medical aid and research.
  • Education and scholarship for underprivileged students.

Volunteer at a marathon to support a cause near and dear to your heart.

Organize when and where you are volunteering through online platform.

Sign up for a free account with a personal dashboard and mobile app to conveniently keep track of volunteering obligations. Communicate with volunteer coordinators and find nonprofits to help and support that provide aid for:

  • Adoption and foster families.
  • Veterans.
  • Schools, churches and missions.
  • Low income families.
  • Emergencies and disaster relief.
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Create volunteer schedules as one-time, fixed or flexible based on need.

Manage Volunteer Relationships

Import volunteer information with our easy-to-use import template. Communicate with volunteers quickly and efficiently through text, email and social media.

“ VolunteerMark better connects us with our volunteers and creates a positive volunteer experience.
It also helps us efficiently manage volunteers' time and easily track hours.“

Nicole Gerken of The HALO Foundation

Nicole Gerken of The HALO Foundation

Track your volunteers anytime, anywhere

Kiosk App

Update event check-ins for volunteers that registered for your event using the Kiosk app, custom made for nonprofit organizations. Just a few clicks and managing volunteers becomes worry-free!
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