Flexible schedule positions

Flexible schedule positions are volunteer opportunities that don’t have a specific time shift. They are tasks that need to be completed, yet with no defined date or time. Examples include data entry help, website design, etc.Check out the video below to learn how to create a "flexible" volunteer opportunity.


Flexible schedule position: Written Instruction

  • Under the dashboard’s statistical graphic, click the “New Volunteer Opportunity” drop down box on the left hand side of your “Home” dashboard icon.
  • Select “Flexible Schedule Position” in the drop down menu
  • List the title of the volunteer opportunity and the number of volunteers needed.
  • Describe what the position entails, including job description, location, and the goal of that specific opportunity.
  • If you choose to make the position private, the opportunity will not be viewable to the public. Only volunteers you personally send the outing’s URL to will be able to gain access to the position.
  • Click “Add Skills” to choose the specific skills needed for this position. At least one is required. When completed, press “Add Skills to Program.”
  • For reporting reasons, a program or department is required for every volunteer outing.
  • Designate how many hours a day, week, month, or year is required for this position.
  • The categories of “Court Mandated,” “High School Students,” and “Virtual/Remote” are not required, but allow volunteers to further research opportunities on VolunteerMark. By selecting one, you may speed up the volunteer process for those looking for specific-type outings.
  • Add volunteer consent agreement if you wish. Examples include age restrictions, orientation requirements, etc.

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