Import volunteers

VolunteerMark’s import feature makes it possible to quickly add numerous volunteers at once. We help you get everything set up properly. Providing a step-by-step video to walk you through the importing and assigning volunteers process.


Once your volunteers are imported, you will have full access to your volunteer network in the cloud, which you can export at any time. Your volunteers will be invited to fill out schedule information, skillsets, and cause interests. Making your life as a volunteer manager so much easier.

Another amazing advantage with VolunteerMark is any individual looking to volunteer can create an account and insert their interests and skills. Giving you access to a the entire VolunteerMark network volunteer base, helping you find more volunteers looking for places to come help.

Import Volunteers: Written Instructions

  • Go to the Volunteers tab.
  • Press “Add volunteers” and click "Download sample CSV template
  • This action will download an empty (.CSV) file to your computer to serve as a template.
  • Open the template and take notice of the specific format on the excel sheet.
  • Then transpose your existing volunteer lists, keeping the exact same format as the downloaded template.
  • Headings, email addresses and phone numbers must appear in pure form, just like the provided template.
  • Once volunteers are correctly listed in an excel sheet, press save.
  • Return to the VolunteerMark ‘Volunteers’ page.
  • Press "Add volunteers" and then click “Import Volunteers” and a drop down menu from your computer files will appear.
  • Choose the file you just created with the correct format, making sure it is in .csv format.
  • After doing this, the file immediately imports the contacts and their information into the software.
  • Once added, you may put a checkmark by their name to invite them to finish creating their VolunteerMark volunteer account.
  • Volunteers do not have to finish their account to be managed by our system, but by doing so they will have complete access to the software.

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