Invite and assign volunteers

Once a volunteer opportunity is created, you may then invite volunteers who are already included in your volunteer network to that specific outing. For those in your volunteer base who are less tech savvy you may assign them to opportunities, essentially saying that this individual will be there and you do not need volunteer approval to confirm that they will be there. Searching the results is made simple by volunteer categories and skill set filters.


Invite Volunteers: Written Instruction

  • When the opportunity is created, the dates you establish for the start and end will appear on your dashboard calendar. Select the event and a menu will pop down.
  • Select the specific outing you wish to invite volunteers to.
  • The type of scheduling, duration, designated department or program and those already volunteering will appear in the drop down menu
  • To invite volunteers from you network, hit "Actions"
  • Note that the "Actions" drop down menu includes edit, view, delete, archive, invite volunteers, copy and assign volunteers. Press invite volunteers within your own network or the VolunteerMark database.
  • Invite volunteers within your organization’s network or choose from volunteers who’s interests match your organization’s causes
  • "My Volunteers" consists of the volunteers who follow your organization, were included in your initial volunteer import or have worked with your organization in the past.
  • You have the ability to filter this search by names and skills.
  • Selected volunteers will receive email requests giving them the option to "accept" or "deny" the opportunity.
  • To send a volunteer request, select "Send Request."
  • "Volunteer Network" consists of registered VolunteerMark volunteers who have made their profiles searchable to the public.
  • Within that network, you may search for any VolunteerMark user who holds common interest with your organization.
  • For example, volunteers who have "homelessness" as an interest will appear in your Volunteer Network if you have "homelessness" as an organizational cause.
  • Select volunteers by checking the box to the left of the volunteer’s name.
  • Once the desired volunteers are designated, press "Request for Sign Up."

Assign Volunteers: Written Instruction

  • Select "Assign Volunteer" in the "Actions" menu of an already created volunteer opportunity.
  • Insert the name, email and phone number of the volunteer you wish to assign.
  • Check the box at the bottom window to invite them to join your VolunteerMark network. This will simplify their volunteering process in the future.
  • Press "Save Volunteer" and the volunteer will account for one of the volunteer slots at the outing in which you have assigned them.

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