Match volunteer skills and causes

When inviting volunteers to new opportunities created, VolunteerMark helps nonprofits filter results quickly with skills and causes. Volunteers establish their skillset and causal interests on their own VolunteerMark profile. This helps you find them by simply entering a keyword. Once you do so, volunteers with that skill or cause will then filter to the top of both “My Volunteer” list and the “VolunteerMark Network” list, helping you find the exact volunteers you need.

When creating a volunteer opportunity you can establish the skills needed and causes pertaining to that specific outing, helping volunteers find you, and your organization more easily as well. Causes are all encompassing, established by your organization as a whole. Skills are listed on every volunteer opportunity created, as you can see below.

Skills listed on volunteer opportunity page


Skills are specific to volunteers, and allow organizations to get an idea of what a volunteer’s strengths are before even meeting them.

For example, if a new volunteer is a great cook and event planner, your organization can more easily place them in a volunteer opportunity that showcases those strengths, while avoiding opportunities that may not be best for them.

Volunteer skills


Causes offer specification options for both nonprofits and volunteers. Helping people connect through the causes that both the volunteers and organizations care most about.

Nonprofit causes

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