Export volunteer data

Exporting volunteer data is as easy as 1,2,3 with VolunteerMark. Collecting a large amount of data collected without the volunteer manager having to do much work. When volunteers create their own profile they provide detailed data about themselves that, when collected, provide great analytical power

    Step 1: Go to the volunteers dashboard icon, and scroll down to the export existing data icon
    Export existing volunteer data screenshot

    Step 2: Once you select “Export existing volunteer data” the file will immediately begin downloading to your computer in the form of a .csv file within your microsoft excel

    Step 3: Once the .csv file is downloaded and you open the doc, open the file that you just downloaded. VolunteerMark allows you to export everything there is to know about every volunteer.

    The file may look somewhat intimidating initially, but don’t fret. If analyzed correctly, exporting your data can help your organization better combat issues of volunteer retention, demographics, and even categorization of volunteer motivations. All this to help you more effectively operate as an organization.

    The first line horizontal line represents the labels, correctly operating these will help you find what you are looking for within you data set in a much quicker fashion.

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