Group and tag volunteers

Prioritize lists and target communication with these various ways to organize


Tags are a superior way to associate files with another with using keywords, rather than rigid folders.It is a flexible way of grouping volunteers together. You can literally put anything you want, just something a group of volunteers share in common.

Searching by tags offer a flexible way for you to make volunteer associations. Making the volunteer management process as streamlined as possible. With VolunteerMark, you can tag volunteers to associate them with a program, department, skillset, or a specific volunteer group.


The filters are a more specific way to manage volunteers. The filters at VolunteerMark do their best to define that volunteer’s methods and motivation for volunteering. We offer a court-mandated filter for those who are ordered by a court to complete some sort of community service.

VolunteerMark is also great for educational organizations, offering a filter for students, many of whom have service our requirements for various entities and student organizations within their school.

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