How much does VolunteerMark cost?

VolunteerMark offers quality services at a competitive price. Our easy to use software allows volunteers to access all nonprofits within our network, and easy communication with the causes and organizations you care about.

Always FREE for volunteers

There is no real price one can put on the importance of a quality volunteer experience. The opinion of volunteers is not only important, but absolutely vital to the continuation of the organization itself. VolunteerMark puts the upmost importance upon a quality volunteer experience. Our service streamlines the volunteering process and makes the lives easier of volunteer managers as well. Giving organizations and volunteers more time to do what they love; giving back to the community.

What happens when I follow an organization on VolunteerMark?

When you click "Follow" on an organization's landing page that organization is bookmarked in your dashboard and at the same time adds your volunteer profile to your that organization’s list of volunteer and notifying them with an email that they have a new person express a general interest in their organization.

What if I am interested in an organization but I am not ready to volunteer yet?

Don’t worry, you can follow an organization, notifying them of your interest in them, but it does not automatically sign you up for specific opportunities. They may contact you, and that that point you can express the timing and level of your interest. An amazing feature unique to VolunteerMark is our varying schedule types. You can state your desired volunteer start date and whether you want a fixed, flexible, or you prefer working one time events with minimal long term commitment. This cuts down on confusion, and allows you to begin volunteering when you want to and at a pace that works best for you.

What exactly does VolunteerMark software provide?

VolunteerMark is an online software application that helps nonprofit organizations and their volunteers maximize the volunteer experience through communication, scheduling, and reporting tools. Using the mobile-friendly software, nonprofit organizations can easily manage volunteer events, schedule multiple shifts at once, recruit new volunteers, communicate through multiple platforms and track volunteer data. VolunteerMark is perfect for any organization that oversees volunteer operations including nonprofits, businesses, schools, churches and civic groups. And the service is, and always will be, free for volunteers.

How can I contact VolunteerMark for help?

We offer support every step of the way. You can come chat with us at VolunteerMark.com. If you are a volunteer, e-mail us at [email protected]. Nonprofits may email us at [email protected]. Visit our support page or volunteer management blog to find the best ways to optimize your account. Check out our live support chat at http://www.volunteermark.com. Experts are standing by ready to answer any questions or concerns you have in your VolunteerMark experience. Follow us on these social media outlets if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to learn more about VolunteerMark.

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What does it mean to log service hours?

While there are many different ways to log service hours at VolunteerMark we believe the easiest way is through our online service. We make it very simple, giving volunteers the power to manage their own free online account. Our team reminds the volunteer after he/she completes each volunteer opportunity. The nonprofit organization sees all volunteer service hour requests and gives them the ability to approve or deny the submission. If the organization approves a volunteer's request, the hours are credited to the volunteer's account. Volunteers can keep track of their own individual service hour history and upcoming commitments with multiple nonprofits on the same system. Nonprofits see only the volunteer service hours as it relates to their activity with their nonprofit.

When can I start volunteering? Can it be now?

You want to start now, not a month or two from now, after you’ve spent your precious time scheduling, signing, emailing, tracking down individuals, and waiting for responses. You a volunteer! Freely giving your time and talent to help out a cause you care about. Why waste your time with everything BUT volunteering.

Can I be matched with a nonprofit that works best for me?

Yes! VolunteerMark makes it easy to sort, filter, and search through a variety of volunteer opportunities so you can find out about new opportunities that interest you.

Find employers, nonprofits, schools, and government agencies that promote and encourage volunteerism. Perhaps the biggest benefit of VolunteerMark is our service hour validation service.

Can I easily record and print my service hours?

You can easily print off your approved service hours and be rewarded through your company's corporate responsibility program, your school's service-learning program, or even the government's tax credit for gas mileage spent driving to/from volunteer opportunities!

Needless to say, VolunteerMark streamlines the volunteering process, so you can get busy making your mark on the world!

Why would a volunteer use VolunteerMark?

You are the most vital part of nonprofit organizations. Volunteers carry roles in fundraising, marketing, research, grant writing, operations, administrative support, and even leadership/staff management positions. Andrew Stanley founded this company because he was frustrated with how hard it was to communicate with the organizations and causes he cared about. Phone tag, and missed emails kept him from helping, so he created VolunteerMark.

VolunteerMark allows you to find volunteer opportunities within the click of your mouse or a touch of your smartphone. You may follow organizations, list what you care about, and also find opportunities in your area. We offer fixed schedules for those wanting to volunteer on a regular basis. Flexible schedules for volunteers just looking to help, but their schedule don’t allow for something consistent. We even have one-time event positions available, for big events like blood drives, and 5k charity runs, etc. VolunteerMark also allows for you to invite friends, giving you a group volunteer option.

All this is to help connect you with the causes and organizations that need your help, so you can make your mark on the world with VolunteerMark!

Who has access to volunteer data and contact information? Is it safe and secure?

We take privacy and data security very seriously. Sensitive information is encrypted over secure socket layer (SSL) and we never sell, distribute, or share any individual information. Only the organization(s) that a volunteer chooses to work with will be able to view the volunteers contact information. Organizations can only see volunteers’ service history with their specific organization. Volunteer users have the ability to change their privacy settings. We do reserve the right to compile anonymous service hour statistics for the purpose of understanding patterns and trends in volunteerism rates as we aim to increase volunteerism and foster a culture of helping worthy causes. To find out more please read our privacy policy.

Can volunteers sign up for more than one organization?

Yes! Frequently individuals will volunteer with multiple different causes and organizations.

Before VolunteerMark, this used to be a cumbersome problem with a lot of time and frustration spent coordinating and exchanging information, signing paperwork for each organization, etc.

Volunteer accounts at VolunteerMark are always free, and volunteers create a private profile one time. Only the organizations you sign up for will see your private contact information. If you ever need to update anything, it is fast and easy, and instantly this information is updated for the nonprofit organization(s) you work with! No more returned mail, wrong phone numbers, and lost communication.

Plus, we think its really cool that each volunteer account has a complete log of how many hours you volunteer, where and when. We hope our volunteer dashboard will motivate volunteers to reach new goals and stay involved with the charities they love and find new ways to volunteer.

Help! I can't login. How do I reset my password?

Passwords are very important to user accounts, but there may come a time when you need to change your password or maybe you forgot your password. We are here to help.

Change Your Password

If you know your current password and would like to change it to something different follow these steps:

  • 1. Once logged in, click on your first and last name in the top left and choose "Change Password"
  • 2. Type your new password in both boxes and click the Update Password button when you are done.
  • 3. Your password has been updated!

Lost Password

It is very important to keep your passwords secure and to remember them, but there might come a time when you forget a password. Follow these steps if you need to reset a forgotten password. We will have you back into your account in no time!

  • 1. Visit the Log in page and click "forgot password"
  • 2. Enter your email address into the text box and click Reset Password
  • 3. We'll send an email to your email address to help you recover your account.
  • 4. An email will be sent to your Primary Email Address that includes a password reset link.
  • 5. Click the link in the email, and you'll be able to enter a new password. Enter your new password and you'll be ready to go!

Is my account information safe?

Your security is important to us at VolunteerMark. You have dedicated a lot of time and energy volunteering and logging your hours, and using a strong password will help you to keep your account safe. The best way to keep your online identities secure is to use strong passwords, and a unique password for each account.

Please note that we rely on your account email address to prove your account ownership. Should you ever lose access to your account, we will need to know your email address to help reset your password and prove your account ownership. For this reason, it's important to always make sure that the email address on your account is up-to-date. You can update your email address via the Edit User Profile page from your Dashboard.

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