Learn to manage campus activities and volunteers with better organization and communication A monthly subscription gives you the ability to manage volunteers effectively in one, easy-to- use place.

Sign up, schedule, communicate, make changes and monitor volunteers for campus activities such as:

  • Extracurricular clubs and groups.
  • Sororities and Fraternities.
  • Sports.
  • Community efforts.
  • Music and drama clubs.

Busy students can more effectively manage activities and volunteer opportunities

Students can easily login to see where and when they are needed.

Don’t forget a time or miss a day when you were scheduled to volunteer.Make more of a difference in your community and set a better example on campus. Utilize online tools such as:

  • A free, personal dashboard and mobile app with calendars and features to keep you organized.
  • Search for where you could serve based on your skills set and follow organizations you’d like to help and support.
  • The ability to easily communicate with teachers, leaders and volunteer coordinators via email and text.
  • The option to reschedule volunteer times when conflicts arise.
  • The option to share through social media.
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Create volunteer schedules as one-time, fixed or flexible based on need.

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Import volunteer information with our easy-to-use import template. Communicate with volunteers quickly and efficiently through text, email and social media.

“ VolunteerMark better connects us with our volunteers and creates a positive volunteer experience.
It also helps us efficiently manage volunteers' time and easily track hours.“

Nicole Gerken of The HALO Foundation

Nicole Gerken of The HALO Foundation

Track your volunteers anytime, anywhere

Kiosk App

Update event check-ins for volunteers that registered for your event using the Kiosk app, custom made for nonprofit organizations. Just a few clicks and managing volunteers becomes worry-free!
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