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One of the biggest obstacles for a volunteer used to be finding a schedule that works for both them and their desired organization, but not anymore! VolunteerMark makes it easy, offering multiple schedule options for volunteers.

When creating your volunteer profile you can designate your availability and adjust it at any time. Established hours appear on your VolunteerMark profile along with your skills, causes and contact information. Providing the disired organization with a concrete visual of how you would fit within their organization and exactly when you can come work. In turn, making the volunteering process much easier for you.

Check out this video discussing availability and calendar options


Types of volunteer opportunities

Flexible positions

When a volunteer is expected to work a set amount of hours and does not have a specific shift time. Essentially stating, "I can volunteer (x) amount of hours a month doing data entry or dog walking, for example."

Fixed scheduled positions

When a volunteer has to work specific shifts on previously designated dates, following a more regular schedule. Examples include after school cleanup and homeless shelter lunch cook on a regular, established schedule.

One-time events

Opportunities that are isolated single events, not repeating on a daily or weekly schedule. Examples include 5k fun run volunteers, or even a yearly charity event.

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