Over 6,000 refugees from Burma has made Iowa home in the past 5 years. Countless were forced to flee from their home because of who they are and what they believe.

Since 2011, EMBARC and volunteers like you have been helping refugees adjust to life in their new home: Our tutoring programs have assisted over 75 children and adults; our family advocates have empowered over 100 families to access resources such as food pantries and bus training; and our cultural competency presentation have helped over 200 Iowans increase their understanding of our newest Iowans from Burma.

2014 promises to be an even bigger year of change and hope. EMBARC was one of nine nationwide recipients awarded the three-year federal “ethnic community self-help” grant. Together with grants from Chrysalis, Polk County, the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa, and donors like you, will enable EMBARC to establish an office space and hire paid staff in 2014. We are very excited to expand our capacity beyond our volunteer-only base.

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