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This style guide is a set of opinionated rules and best practices about writing e2e tests with Protractor. These are all learnings that my team and I came across while working with many other teams, on improving their testing related codebase and achieving some sort of code uniformity across teams. If you are familiar with John Papa's Angular Style Guide, which I highly recommend, think of this project as something similar, but then for Protractor.

The examples and use cases mentioned in this guide are all related to AngularJS applications, but most things are equally valid for non-Angular web applications and their e2e tests.

I wanted to share this project with the community in the hope that these learnings will make life easier for other developers, give them some sort of guidance and help them write better, cleaner Protractor tests, faster. If there is one person for whom this guide made a difference, I am very happy ツ

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