Melbourne Fringe

Melbourne Fringe is a celebration of cultural democracy and art for everyone. By embracing diversity and a spirit of independence, we create a unique space for artistic self-expression linked to the life of our great city. We’re here to challenge perceptions and shake up the hierarchy, to be brave and unafraid, to explore the boundaries of what art is and can be. And what’s more, everyone’s invited.

That’s why Melbourne Fringe is the most adventurous, inclusive, all-encompassing multi-artform festival in Australia. Every year we feature more than 6000 artists from every discipline you can name, and a few others besides, performing 400+ events in over 160 metro and regional venues to an audience in excess of 300,000 people.

Melbourne Fringe is the place to go for pure, unadulterated, uncurated and unexpected artistic discovery. We help artists develop and provide a platform for a vast, diverse range of voices, in celebration of the idea that when we come together, we create meaning, and beauty, and laughter. This is art by the people, for the people, with the people, so come on in, people. This is Melbourne Fringe.

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